How To Strengthen Your Relationship While Planning Your Wedding

You may not know it yet, but navigating through the challenges of planning your wedding is most likely a preview of what navigating through life together will be like. Of course, later on in life, the things you will be facing together will be less about decorations or managing vendor contracts and costs, and more about maintaining a household and budgeting to pay off all your bills. With this, the way you will handle these challenges as early as now can be an avenue for you and your partner to strengthen your relationship and prepare for life ahead.

Here are some tips you can try out to make your wedding planning journey an avenue for your relationship with your partner to grow as you enter married life.

(1) Communicate

From here on forward, communication will play a huge role in your relationship. Many times, even with couples who have been together for a long time already, the source of arguments and misunderstanding is poor communication. Make sure you always communicate your ideas, needs, and concerns to your partner. Even if something seems trivial, express it openly so that the other person is aware.

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(2) Be Open

In turn, you must also make a conscious effort to be open to your partner as he communicates with you his ideas, needs, and concerns to your partner. The decisions you will be making moving forward should always consider both of sides, yours and your partner’s. Hence, always take time to openly listen to your partner.

(4) Give Way

You may not always have the same opinion, and there will surely be times when you do not agree. When you reach a point when you’re not in agreement, step back and asses the disagreement at hand. There are several ways to go about it. First, don’t sweat the small stuff; if it’s something you can let go of, give way. You can also look at the bigger picture. Think about the welfare of your partner–how will this affect him and the relationship if you don’t budge? Compromise and find common ground that you both are happy with.

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(5) Give Each Other Space

Arguments are part of relationships. Arguments while wedding planning are also part of the process and journey. Arguments are challenges that really help you learn and grow together. But sometimes arguments lead to hurtful words at the heart of the moment. When this happens, give each other space to cool off. You will be able to express yourselves better once you let off some steam.

(6) Set Boundaries with Family

One of the areas that couples need to carefully work on as they become a separate unit, is how to deal with family. This is especially true if you and your partner have very close relationships with your family members. During wedding planning, you might notice family and in-laws stepping in. Understand that they are probably doing so because they care about you and are willing to help. But if they are already getting in the way of your own plans with your partner, set boundaries. The same goes for married life, make sure to set clear boundaries and politely tell your family and align on expectations.

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(7) Define Your Shared Values

Overall, having shared values will help you both discover how to best managed the intricacies of wedding planning and married life. When wedding planning and life get tough, you always be able to come back to your shared values and find the guidance you need to move forward. Set your priorities from the onset and let these define the steps you take together as you grow in love.

As you start planning the most important day of your life, may you also find the journey a means to build a stronger partnership with your husband-to-be.

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10 Ways You Can Use QR Codes at Your Wedding

QR codes are widely used already nowadays because they make it easier for people to access information. In the same way, you can make use of QR codes at your wedding to make it easier for guests to access important details about your special day. QR codes can also save time and effort, too. And finally, QR codes add a modern twist to your wedding! Here are examples of ways you can apply a QR code to your wedding.

(1) For your wedding website.

If you’re having a wedding website, you can definitely create a QR code for the website and share the QR every time someone asks for wedding updates you can always refer him or her to the website via the QR code.

[From: Studio Creative Things]

(2) For RSVPs.

Make RSVP-ing easy for everyone with a QR code. You can put this QR on your invitation as well as on your wedding website. You can also send it to your chat groups when reminding them to confirm their attendance.

(3) For your wedding registry.

If you will be having an online wedding registry, this is the perfect solution to send the link where guests may shop. Again, you may include this QR as well in your wedding invitation.

[From: Pure Invitation]

(4) For the wedding seating chart.

While a physical seating chart is cute and fun, a digital one works fine too! If you want to save on the installation for a seating chart, a QR code is good enough an alternative.

(5) For the wedding ceremony and program details.

Instead of printing our ceremony booklets and the program details, you can also just post a QR code for easier access and less paper trail.

[From: Someday Paper Co]

6) For the banquet menu.

Share the menu via a QR code too. This allows you to add more information that might not fit on a single page, like food allergens and other notes per dish.

[From: Creative Union Design]

(7) For photo booth photos.

Aside from a printed copy of photo booth photos, guests will truly love it if they can also have a digital copy to share on social media. Add a QR code to the printed photo that gives them access to their photos online.

(8) For guests to share their photos with you.

It also works the other way around. You can use a QR code to encourage guests to share the photos they take on your wedding day with you.

[From: Wedding Lux]

(9) For wedding messages.

You can let go of the traditional wedding guest book where guests white their messages and in its place create a QR where guests may send over their messages in digital form. You can always save these notes and print them out later on and even have someone design.

(10) For charitable causes or donations.

In lieu of gifts or cash for you and your partner, you may opt to encourage guests to share their blessings instead with a charitable organization of your choice. Share a QR code for this meaningful gesture at your wedding.

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Venue Types That are Perfect for Intimate Weddings

Are you thinking of having a small gathering for your wedding? If you are, an intimate celebration will allow you to explore other venue options apart from the usual hotels or large event spaces. These include restaurants, maybe even historical spots, and unique spaces that no one has ever even thought of! You can definitely get creative with where you tie the knot with a smaller guest count because you won’t have to worry about not being able to fit everyone.

We have seen some gorgeous intimate weddings, some even held in unconventional venues. So to give you ideas as you find the perfect place to say, “I do,” here’s a list of venue types you can consider if you’re planning a small scale wedding.

[From: This Bride and Groom Let Their Fun-Loving Personalities Shine During Their Wedding / Photos: Jeff Lee Pictures / Venue: Billow Bar Seafood Bistro]

Garden or Rooftop Restaurants

Some restaurants in Hong Kong feature beautiful gardens or rooftop spaces, providing an intimate and romantic atmosphere. You can easily recreate the space into a little haven for your own.

[From: A Cozy Rooftop Wedding at Duddell’s / Photos: Patrick Photography / Venue: Duddell’s]

Private Dining Rooms

Look for restaurants with private dining rooms that can accommodate around 50 or up to even 100 people. These spaces often offer an exclusive and cozy setting for wedding celebrations. And since it can accommodate a larger number of people, if you has less guests you can use the excess space for a floral installation, a photo booth setup and other wedding details.

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