This Romantic Photo Session Features a Unique Half Moon Shaped Setting for The Wedding Ceremony and Banquet

How can you make your wedding stand out? If you’re looking for ideas to make your special day truly one of a kind, this photo session features a unique half moon shaped setting both for the wedding ceremony and the banquet. This idea is the brainchild of photographer, Yoyo Iuiu, who is also responsible for sending these photos our way. She was inspired by the couple in this hoot, Karen and Kelvin who architects–they love anything and everything classy yet different. Together with Homemade Floral and Wedding Hashtag, the team put together a stunning all-white garden setup. Candles and fiber optics lit up the scene when nightfall and and a misty haze–thanks to the smoke machine that Yoyo brought–made the banquet feel like it was set atop the clouds.

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7 Ways to Keep the Peace with Your Fiancé During Wedding Planning

They say that once you start wedding planning, you get a preview of what married life is like. Why is that? Think about it for a while. When you start wedding planning, you and your fiancé will start putting your values, priorities, and finances on the table and make crucial decisions together. If this is the first time you’re zeroing on choices together, expect a few bumps along the way. But to make the journey towards your wedding a more peaceful one, here are seven things you can do. Try them out now.



(1) Share your expectations at the beginning.

[From: A Romantic Engagement Shoot Overlooking The Mountains / Photo: Kel Li Art Gallery]

To avoid misunderstandings later on, sit down with your husband-to-be and share your expectations with one another. This way, you both clearly know what each one wants and can act with these in mind. Misunderstandings usually come out when expectations aren’t clear and one of you acts in opposition to what the other wants without knowing in the first place.


(2) Agree on the budget.

[From: This Carefree Couple Had a Relaxed Casual Engagement Shoot at Home and at The Beach / Photo: Binc Photography]

Planning a wedding can put a lot of financial stress in you and your fiancé, so one of the first things you need to do is to agree on your wedding budget. Aside from agreeing on the budget, you will both need to work on sticking to it. It will help if you both include a breakdown of the budget per item so you also know the maximum amount you’re willing to spend for each wedding detail.

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How to Be a Good Wedding Guest

How you behave as a wedding guest matters. While you’re invited to enjoy the activities of the day and celebrate with the bride and groom, you’re also expected to know what to do and what not to do as a guest. For example, are you aware of the basic dress code rules? How about the unspoken rules about time and taking photos using your phone? If you’re not aware of these etiquette rules for guests, it’s time to catch up!  Here are 15 ways you can act as a proper guest at a wedding.



(1) Follow the Dress Code

If the invitation says, “Black Tie,” then come in a black tie outfit. If the invitation says, “Semi-formal,” dress in a semi-formal attire or cocktail dress. Simply put, follow the dress code no matter what. The couple will not be happy if guests don’t follow wedding dress code rules. For women, wearing a white dress is a big NO. Do not show up in a mini skirt either. For men, jeans are not acceptable, neither are sports shoes. If the invitation isn’t clear on the dress code the safest attire would be a non-white dress or a dressy top and calf or ankle-length skirt for women, and a long sleeve button down shirt with dressy pants and shoes for men.


[From: This Couple’s Carefree Garden Wedding Had Less Than 20 Guests Present / Photo: Kel Li Art Gallery]


(2) Be early.

Yes, you can be on time, but it will be even better if you come early–30 minutes before the ceremony or reception starts is ideal. Why? Usually it takes a few minutes to usher in guests and help them find their seats. Sometimes the family if the bride and groom also greet guests. Come early so you don’t cause any further delay and avoid distracting people if the wedding is about to start.

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After Dark: Hong Kong Photographers Share How You Can Capture Romantic Night Time Photos

Did you know that taking photos at night time can result in stunning photos? While shooting in the day is ideal–for all the obvious reasons–taking photos at night can result in stunning and unique photos. We talked to Hong Kong wedding photographers and asked them to share some of their tips and insights about shooting at night. They also generously sent over a collection of stunning photos all taken after dark.

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(1) Do research on the best night time shooting locations.

Some locations have stunning views even at night, shares Lovememo Studio. For example, Victoria Harbour’s night view is one of the most famous in the world. Another place you can consider is Sham Shui Po which has a very unique night view.


(2) Enjoy all the color and lighting at night.

Lovememo Studio says that night time lends a variety of color and lighting at the night. Trust that your photographer will make the most of it. He or she may even convert some snaps into black and white photos which look entirelyy different from black and white photos taken during the day.

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A Romantic Glass House Wedding at Crown Wine Cellars

Vivian and Steven wed in a romantic glass house at Crown Wine Cellars. It was a romantic celebration that left no room for incoherence. Because the wedding venue was beautiful to begin with–think white walls and glass windows for abundant natural lighting–the couple chose a simple blush and white palette with gold accents here and there. In effect, their special day was an extra elegant event! The Hour Gallery kept us at the edge of our seats as we went through each of their photos of Vivian and Steven’s wedding day. See them all for yourself below.

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