Bold Colors Made This Hotel Wedding an Extra Romantic Celebration

Denise and Adrian’s wedding day was filled with bold colors of red, burgundy, and orange. First up, the bridesmaids marched in donning striking orange dresses. The next item that caught our eyes was Denise’s bouquet which was a softer palette made with white and peach flowers. Meanwhile, the banquet tables were covered in deep red tablecloth and adorned with a floral centerpiece in the same color. At the same time, elegant flowers in beautiful warm hues filled all of Hyatt Regency‘s ballroom, wrapping the lovers and their loved ones in a romantic atmosphere throughout the day. We love how this color play set the mood of the day and made Denise and Adrian’s wedding a true feast for the eyes! Don’t miss out on this gorgeous wedding. Scroll on for more snaps of the day by The Fotop Perry Vision – Storyteller and Jeff Lee Pictures now.

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7 Wedding Speech Mistakes to Avoid

For all the best men and bridesmaids out there, how prepared are you for your wedding speech? If you’re assigned to deliver a speech during a wedding, you probably already feel the pressure to deliver and unforgettable and entertaining speech. Before even going into the tips on how to make your speech memorable, let’s start with the basics. Here are the most common wedding speech mistakes you need to avoid. Read up now so you’re 100% ready and confident the moment you get up on stage and hold the mic!



(1) Mixing Up A Speech with a Toast

What’s the difference, you might ask? A toast is generally shorter and is more of a quick message about your wishes for the bride and groom. On the other hand, a speech is longer and includes anecdotes and more information about the couple. Some speeches also end with a toast, with the Best Man or Maid of Honor concluding the speech with well wishes and blessings. To be sure, you can ask the couple of their preferred format so you know exactly what to prepare.

[From: Bold Colors Made This Hotel Wedding an Extra Romantic Celebration / Photo: Jeff Lee Pictures]

(2) Reading Solely from Your Phone

When you deliver your speech, avoid keeping your eyes glued to your phone. It’s okay to write your speech down and have them with you, but instead of reading straight from your phone. Instead, practice your speech so you can deliver it while looking at the audience. Making eye contact with them will help get their attention and engagement.

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This Couple Pulled Off a Stylish Indoor and Outdoor Pre-wedding Shoot

If you’re choosing between an indoor pre-wedding shoot or an outdoor one, why not do both? Take it from this couple who rocked their indoor and outdoor engagement photo sessions. Their indoor shoot included rich colors, tropical plants, and an elaborate floral headdress by TENTEN Projects Floral Design. Meanwhile, their outdoor shoot was filled with romantic scenes by a rocky cliff site. Cherry and Moses served us stylish looks and loads of love and affection. Thanks to STAY. Photography by Kean, the woman behind the lens capturing both shoots, we have all these stunning snaps to enjoy!

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The Look


A Modern Pre-wedding Shoot at M+ Museum of Visual Culture

Start off your day on the right foot by sparing a few minutes to view this modern pre-wedding shoot. The minimalist vibe of all the photos is refreshing and every bit inspiring! Allow us to tell you more about this engagement session. Stella and Alex headed over to M+, Museum of Visual Culture for their photo session clad in simple all-white outfits. The modern details of the venue matched their looks perfectly, so they maximized all the Instagram-worthy spaces. The couple also had a second look for which they headed over to the forest. They took advantage of the trees that surrounded them and achieved dramatic photos using shadow play. Not only that, the shoot was very relaxing and spontaneous, shares Jeff Lee, the photographer behind the lens. They didn’t rush and just let the mood of the cool, relaxing weather and visually appealing space lead them. Jeff Lee further shares that a working relationship built on trust will really bring out the best in any couple. Just like Stella and Alex, choose a team that you can trust fully and let the atmosphere of the day carry you all away. Scroll on to see the rest of Stella and Alex’s stunning photos now.

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What To Invest In To Make Your Micro Wedding Extra Memorable

Having a micro wedding may seem less exciting than a big union. But did you know that you can make your micro wedding extraordinary if you know what wedding details to invest in? Just because you have to let go of the grandeur of a big wedding–for whatever reason, pandemic or whatnot–don’t fall into thinking that your wedding is any less of a celebration. It’s all about the details and how you can make the day unique, not only for you, but even for the handful of guests who will be coming to your event. Even if you won’t have a grand ballroom venue, family from all over the world coming over, or a luxurious decorations setup, you can still make your wedding a day unlike any other. How? Here are five key wedding details to invest in to make your micro wedding a day to remember.



(1) A Venue That Makes Your Heart Flutter

Even if you’re having a small wedding with only a few people, you can make the occasion extra captivating by investing on a venue that hits the spot; it’s gorgeous, romantic, and scenic–basically everything you’ve ever wanted and maybe even more. Then dress it up to your heart’s desires and turn it into the venue of your dreams. We’ve seen intimate weddings held over a cliff, in an open garden, at a modern indoor restaurant, and more. What really made each one of these so beautiful is that the couples made their venue a reflection of their love. So, go on and pick a spot you love and transform it. Set the tone for your intimate wedding through a well-curated setting and location.

[From: This Couple Pulled Off a Phuket-inspired Wedding in Hong Kong! / Photo: Jenny Tong Photography]

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