Wedding Photography Package Details Explained

Your wedding is too important a day not to immortalize in photos. Hence, hiring a wedding photographer is a must, no questions asked. But when you approach photographers and start canvassing wedding photography packages and prices, you can easily get overwhelmed with the choices laid out in front of you. And since you want to get the best package for your wedding, you might choose options that seem like you’re getting more, but in actuality, are not aligned with your needs. In this feature, we break down the common package details inclusions for wedding photography services so you can better decide what is best for your wedding, be it a grand celebration or an intimate one.


Hours of Coverage

The common hours of coverage in wedding photography packages come in 8,  10, 12, and sometimes 16 hours of coverage. A whole day’s worth of activities calls for the last option, while a smaller wedding with less activities will only need the 8 hours worth of coverage. However, for very intimate weddings–which is the more common option these days–you can ask if your photographer has a 4-hour option for a simple signing ceremony, or a 6-hour option if you’ll have a simple luncheon after.

[From: This Intimate Wedding Had The Perfect Mix of Modern and Traditional Elements / Photo: The Hour Gallery]

Number of Shooters

Some wedding photography services already consist of several members and couples can choose to add more shooters to capture the big day. This is especially helpful for large weddings with a lot of activities happening at different places, i.e. the groom and bride are at different, far away venues for the preparations and Chinese pre-wedding activities. During these scenarios, having a second and sometimes even a third shooter is necessary. But for intimate weddings, usually having just the main photographer on site is enough.

[From: A Luxurious Garden Wedding at The Pavillion / Photo: Kel Li and Koody Pixel]

Deliverables After The Wedding

Digital files, prints, photo albums–you will see these as post-event deliverable options in wedding photography packages. What do these mean? Digital files refer to retouched soft files of the photos which you will get through an online gallery, from which you can download all the edited photos, or via a USB. Prints means the package includes a certain number retouched printed photos which you usually select prior to printing. Lastly, some packages also give you the option add a full wedding photo album with preselected, retouched photos. Which option is best? It really depends on you. Some couples prefer digital files so they can decide how to print their photos later on–whether in frames, or in their own albums. Other couples want ready-made prints or full albums so they don’t need to select and print themselves.

[From: A Classic Hotel Wedding at InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong / Photo: Cy Poon Photography]

Travel Arrangements

If you will be flying out to another country, or if your wedding venue is a far drive away, you will need to check the travel arrangements and options in detail. Most, if not all, photography services have extra fees for weddings outside of their main city of business and outside of the country. Then if accommodations are needed, additional costs will depend on the accommodation details.

[From: A Classic Wedding at Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong with Priceless Moments / Photo: Lily and Moon]

Rights and Ownership

This part is important, especially if you’re very particular about your wedding photos being seen by other people. Discuss with your photographer who has the rights to the photos, whether to share online or print, now or later. In this day and age of social media, wedding inspiration is in demand and made available online. If you want to keep your wedding photos private, then choose the option to do so.

[From: This Wedding at Kerry Hotel Included a Cute Floral Wall and Instagram-Worthy Pastries! / Photo: Anthony & Shawn]


Generally, these are the main package details you’ll encounter when talking to wedding photographers. We hope this helps you decide which options are best for your wedding and what you should look out for when finalizing the details.


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10 Unique Alternative Bridesmaid Bouquets for Your Girls

The fun part of wedding planning is having free rein to style yourself and your best girl friends. Remember all those times you went to the mall and shopped for outfits together? You get to do this all over again during your wedding. They can help you pick your dream wedding dress. At the same time, you get to pick out outfits along with them and style them.You start with the dress colors, then the styles. Which style will fit each girl, or is there a style that they can all wear effortlessly? These are the common questions that come to mind. But what about their bouquets? Did you ever think of letting your bridesmaids walk down the aisle holding something other than the traditional bouquet? If not, then this blog post will open your eyes to stunning non-traditional ideas for your bride tribe! How about letting go of the usual floral bouquet for your girls and trying one of these unique alternative bouquets, instead? Scroll on and have a look.


(1) Classy Fans

[Photo: Noiva Ansiosa]

[Photos: Lapis de Noiva, and  Hitched]


(2) Elegant Lanterns

[From: Green Wedding Shoes / Photo: Addison Jones Photography]

[From: Sisters in Law / Photo: Trinity Photography]


(3) Rustic Handheld Wreaths

[From: Green Wedding Shoes / Photo: Kelly Brown]

[From: The Perfect Palette / Photo: Michele with one L, From: Junebug Weddings / Photo: Gretchen Gause]


(4) Chic Floral Bags

[From: Charleston Weddings / Photo: The Happy Bloom]

[From: Green Wedding Shoes / Photo: Laura Izumikawa Photography]


(5) Embellished Tamborines

[From: Junebug Weddings / Photo: Let’s Frolic Together]

[From: Green Wedding Shoes / Photo: Marnie Cornell, From: Martha Stewart / Photo: Jennifer Skog]


(6) Bohemian Macramé Hoops

[From: Green Wedding Shoes / Photo: Magnolia + Ember  / Macramé Hoop Bouquet: Bloomers Flowers & Decor]


(7) Romantic Garlands

[From: Elegant Wedding Invites]

[From: Martha Stewart / Photo: Harmony Lynn]


(8) Modern Metallic Baskets

[From: Style Me Pretty / Photo: Breanna McKendrick]

[From: Green Wedding Shoes on Instagram / Photo: Krista Mason Photography]


(9) Tropical Palms

[From: India Earl]

[From: Junebug Weddings / Photo: Brooke Couch]


(10) Wispy Pampas Grass

[From: Mariee]

[From: Fawn Events, From: Green wedding Shoes / Photo: Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay]



Learn How To Achieve Romantic, Sophisticated, and Edgy Looks In This Bridal Photo Session

Are you a classic bride? Or are you an edgy one? What if you like all kinds of looks?

In this styled shoot taken by SHUChi Production the glam team spoils us with different kinds of bridal looks. Let’s talk a little more about what you’ll see if you scroll on. First, you’ll find yourself nestled in an array of effortless gowns with lots of tulle. Then, in a moment’s time, you’ll be filled with excitement upon setting your eyes on a modern beaded dress and a dainty blush dress–both are absolutely dreamy. Finally, the dramatic black suit ensemble will give you the nudge you need to be a little more daring. All the style inspiration you need is right here!

So whether you’re looking for a timeless, romantic look or a more sophisticated or edgy style, you can find what you need here. Or better yet, use this as a guide to rock all kinds of looks for your bridal or pre-wedding photo shoot! Yes, you can do it all! Kudos to Elysian Bridal Couture, Jewellery Box, Onion Makeup, and the rest of the vendors behind this photo session! We love everything about it and we know you will too. Read on now.


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A Stylish Wedding Filled with Peach and Blush Hues at The Repulse Bay

When Gloria and Eric tied the knot, they did so in style.  captured all the beautiful details for us to enjoy today. Gloria appeared looking immaculate in a convertible dress made with a hugging bodice embellished with floral details and intricate beading. She easily achieved a different look by removing the draping sleeves. Eric was very much a leading man by her side in a dark grey suit. The stylish details continued on in the ceremony and reception. A muted palette in peach and blush filled the outdoor setting at The Repulse Bay. So as their happily ever after commenced, Gloria and Eric’s were surrounded by not only all their loved ones, but also a romantic scenery that proved to be the perfect setting for such a special occasion.

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The Look



Your Love Story Comes to Life at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong’s “Love.Reflect.Eternity” Wedding Showcase

Your wedding is a reflection of your love and all the elements that come into play speak multitudes about you, your partner, and the journey that led you to the aisle. So in putting together the pieces, you’ll want to pick the prefect wedding details that best encapsulate your love.

If you don’t know how or where to start, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong’s “LOVE ‧ REFLECT ‧ ETERNITY” Wedding Showcase, happening this coming July 1, 2022 from 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm, is the perfect event to kickoff your wedding planning journey. This year, over 20 new wedding partners, each representing an indivisible part of an ideal wedding, are invited to partake in the showcase which aspires to inspire brides-and-grooms-to-be with novel wedding concepts and life-transforming details for their once-in-a-life-time big day.

As a metaphor for reciprocated love, “mirror” is the central theme of the “LOVE ‧ REFLECT ‧ ETERNITY” Wedding Showcase. Couples, particularly those who are close to tying the knot, would agree that the essence of eternal love is to accept everything about one another, embody the same values, and resonate on equal wavelengths, which is essentially how a mirror reflects all things equivalently in their truest form. At the wedding showcase, you can expect to find all the elements you need to turn your wedding a unique event that narrates your love story.

A Venue To Make Your Own

At the wedding showcase, you will experience the grandeur of the Ballroom Foyer and the Diamond Ballroom. Diamond Ballroom is studded with diamond-clear mirrors which create a minimalist yet elegant ambience suited for lavish unions. To help you better envision your wedding day here, the Diamond Ballroom will include classic decorations and a musical performance about love. But if you’re looking for a more intimate setting, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong offers a wide range of wedding venues. From an opulent ceremonial banquet to a cozy family soirée, or even a small-scale luncheon, the in-house wedding team can create a bespoke wedding that caters to your personal needs and wishes.

The Pawfect Wedding Package

At the showcase, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong unveils its latest offer, “The Pawfect Wedding” package, which is designed for couples who want to include their pets in their wedding or want to unite their fur friends in marriage. If you are fur parents, you’ll be ecstatic to know that this wedding package will ensure your pets have the best time ever. It includes stylish pet wedding costumes for rent, plus a range of wedding cakes and French desserts. You and your pets can enjoy a meaningful celebration with family and friends.

Top-of-the-Line Dining Experience

The dining experience is an integral part of every wedding. For an unparalleled dining experience for you and your guests, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong’s Arabic chef from Egypt, Mustafa Gebril, is the year’s Chef de Cuisine. With his extensive background and experience at prestigious hotels and resorts, you can assure that your wedding will include new culinary concepts and an unforgettable menu with high quality ingredients from around the world.

Vendors Who Can Make Your Dream Wedding a Reality

Lastly, the wedding showcase will not be complete without a line-up of partners that you can turn to for all your wedding needs. The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong prepared a curated list of wedding vendors who can help you every step of the way. At the showcase, you will meet and get to know venue decoration teams, photographers, accessories and gifts vendors, and more.

Special Offers and Discounts for Attendees

Wedding couples who confirm their big day during the showcase will have a chance to enjoy an array of unique privileges* including:

  • HSBC 5% savings on designated menu for events from now until December 31, 2022
  • 50% savings on beverage package for wedding lunch from now until August 31, 2023
  • Special all-inclusive menu for wedding dinner from now until August 31, 2023
  • Complimentary LED wall upgrade
  • Double Marriott Bonvoy points

*Offers are subject to availability. Terms & Conditions apply.

Grab these limited deals at the only at the wedding showcase.

Finding the right place and the right vendors is crucial if you truly want to make your wedding day narrate your love story. The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong’s “LOVE ‧ REFLECT ‧ ETERNITY” Wedding Showcase promises not only to help you achieve this, but also make your wedding planning experience a memorable and unique one.

“LOVE ‧ REFLECT ‧ ETERNITY” Wedding Showcase

  • Venue: The Diamond Ballroom, Level 3, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong
  • Date: Friday, July 1, 2022
  • Time: 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m.
  • Price: Free admission (Advance registration is required)

To register, kindly fill-out this form:

The Pawfect Wedding Showcase online registration: