15 Fascinating Wedding Traditions From Around The World

We commonly talk about Chinese wedding traditions, so today, we’ve decided to acquaint you with other fascinating wedding traditions from all over the world. This interesting read will give you a glimpse of what weddings are like in other parts of the globe. Read more now to appreciate how other cultures value love and marriage.


(1) Norway

[Photo: Pinterest, Wings of Whimsy]

One of the traditions in Norway is for brides to wear a gold or silver crown with tiny charms. The charms’ tinkling sounds ward off evil spirits that may harm the union.


(2) Greece

In Greek weddings, the groomsmen literally groom the groom! To be specific, the best man shaves the groom’s face.

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Choose Your Vendors Wisely, Says This Couple Who Wed in Bali

With or without a pandemic, choosing the right vendors should be a top priority for all brides and grooms. For their romantic Bali wedding, Diana and Tom stressed that they owe a lot to their vendors for making their wedding a dream come true. Their hilltop wedding at The Edge, Bali was absolutely picturesque! The Bride, Diana, who loves details and design was fully involved in planning her big day and made sure every detail had a special meaning. With the help of her wedding planner, Elisabeth, from Avavi Bali Weddings and wedding decorators, Diane & Catharina, from Bali Event Styling, their dream wedding became a reality. Lastly, the couple says, “Have fun!” Indeed, if you hire vendors whom you trust, you can leave all your worries behind and enjoy every moment of the wedding. See what an amazing day it turned out to be through the lens of their photographer, Terralogical.

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The Look


10 Cute Poses To Try During Your Engagement Shoot

Hello, brides and grooms! Are you all set for your pre-wedding photoshoot. If you’re worried about how to pose, do not fear! Today’s feature is all about how you can rock your engagement shoot with the cutest poses. Try these out and nail every single shot like a pro. These are all fun shots to try, so hopefully, they also help you enjoy every minute of your photo session. Scroll on now to see all 10 poses now.


(1) Twirling in Your Dress

Ask your husband-to-be to give you a quick twirl to show off your dress! Dance a little and have fun with free flowing movement, too.

[From: An Intimate Pre-wedding Portrait Session at Rosewood / Photo: Sophia Kwan]

[From: We’ve Been Swept Away by This Couple’s Dreamy Engagement in Turkey / Photo: Joy’s foto]

[From: For Their Pre-wedding Shoot, This Couple Opened a Box Full of Keepsakes / Photo: Michelle Kwok]

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An Intimate Wedding That Took Place at Jaspas Beach Club

For Charissa and Antoine, having an intimate wedding was always THE choice. When the pandemic broke out, the main challenge that they encountered was managing the constant change in social restrictions. Because of this, they had to put off a lot of the final decisions until the last minute, including booking their venue. Believe it or not, Charissa and Antoine were still looking for their venue two months before their wedding! Fortunately, they found Jaspas Beach Club, which fit all their requirements. The lovers are avid fans of the outdoors, especially beaches and mountains, so the quaint clearing by the beach with the mountains looming behind was the perfect spot to tie the knot! The scenery also matched their chosen ‘rustic Mediterranean meets modern Bohemian’ theme. Charissa adds, “We also loved the fact that our guests had to take a boat to arrive at our wedding. It felt like a mini island getaway for everyone, especially during this time when none of us can travel.”

To all other brides and grooms who are planning their special day and are struggling with the challenges brought about by the pandemic, here are some tips from the couple.

1) Find vendors who will listen to your needs and who will appreciate taking a personalized approach. It’s challenging as it is to plan a wedding with COVID-19, so working with vendors that are professional but also understanding really helped take the stress off.

2) Don’t forget to have fun! This is YOUR special day and you deserve to enjoy every second of it, even if things don’t completely fall in place. Your guests will only remember the fun moments in the end.

Check out all of the photos from Charissa and Antoine’s wedding day through the lens of KC Chan Photography. Scroll on now.

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Wedding Vendor Etiquette 101: How To Build a Good Working Relationship with Your Vendors

It takes a lot of effort to plan your wedding and choosing the team that will help you is the first step to get the ball rolling. But once you’re all set and all vendors and suppliers an on board, how can you work with everyone seamlessly and efficiently?

Look at this way, the people who will be working behind the scenes to make your dream wedding come to life are your partners. Therefore, you want to build a healthy working relationship with each and every one of them. If you are able to achieve this from the get go, then your wedding planning journey will be a breeze. You might also end up finding lasting friendships when everything is over.

So, how do you build a good working relationship with your team? Read this.



To work seamlessly and effectively with your vendors, communicate expectations from the very beginning of your engagement. Make sure that your expectations, as well as vendors’ expectations from you are all agreed upon. This way, accountability is clear and each member in your wedding team knows what he or she must do. When responsibilities are clear, there are less chances of misunderstandings appearing along the way.


Once you’re already set expectations, give your vendors space to work. You might feel like messaging them all the time about your ideas, or asking for frequent face-to-face meetings to discuss regularly. Enthusiasm is good, but it can be stifling for vendors. They need a certain level of autonomy to be able to do their job well. And while they are supposed to be there for you and your needs, keep in mind that they have personal lives too. So give them space and trust in their expertise and experience.

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