In This All-white Wedding, The Bride and Groom Had Their First Look on a Ledge Overlooking the Sea

Netalie and Jacky tied the knot in the most stunning way ever! They had a very intimate wedding on a balcony adorned with white flowers. The distant mountains looming behind painted a serene backdrop for the lovers and clear azure skies illuminated the ceremony scene. To match the laid-back atmosphere of their venue, Netalie kept her wedding look simple and modern. She wore a long-sleeved dress and had her hair pulled back in a loose bun. But the main highlight of this wedding is the couple’s first look, which took place on a ledge overlooking the sea. Aupho Wedding and Mattography captured this special moment and all the events of the day perfectly. Scroll on to see this stunning union now.

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A Sultry Styled Shoot at Rosewood Hotel

To make today extra interesting, here’s a styled shoot that’s ultra sultry and sophisticated! If a feminine boudoir or a sweet bridal portrait session isn’t your style and you’re a more adventurous bride-to-be, let these photos inspire you to bare your true self in front of the camera. In this shoot, Andrea, the muse who steals the scene show us how to be stylish and sexy at the same time. She let her bold beauty shine in ever shot and didn’t hesitate to strut her captivating gowns. White Corner and AP Studio, the team behind the lens, took advantage of Rosewood Hong Kong‘s luxurious interiors snapping away in all spots possible–the lobby, the grand staircase, the suite and the bathroom. Marvel at all the photos from this stunning photo session now. Read on!

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The Look



60 Stylish Nail Art Designs To Complete Your Wedding Day Look With

If you ask us, your nails are still essential elements of your bridal look. They’re an extension if your ensemble and can add that extra touch to your wedding attire! Hence, we highly recommend getting your nails done and to get you excited about it, this feature includes 60 (yes, 60) nail art designs for you to choose from. We included modern looks, chic minimal styles, and fun designs, too–there’s something for every kind of bride! Let’s get you started, right now. Scroll on!


Bridal Gems

If you want something that’s elegant but also a little more exciting, here are some designs that have that extra sparkle you need.






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A Romantic Modern Wedding in a Warm Orange Color Palette

Katie and Johnny’s wedding day was romantic and unique in its own little way. First off, Katie wore a simple halter dress from The Wed Genie that she dressed up with fancy earrings and a headpiece. Another beautiful detail was their color palette of choice. The couple went for warm and inviting hues of peach and burnt orange with the bridesmaids rocking velvet dresses in the same palette. They dressed Rosewood Hong Kong in dainty orange and white flowers. Finally, notice Katie’s second dress. Her dress was a dazzling finale that ended their wedding day on a high note. Hyggeland and Bozz Wedding‘s photos and video reveal all the best details on this union, so stick around to see it all.

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9 of the Hardest Wedding Planning Decisions Couples Need to Make

As you go through wedding planning, you will have to make difficult choices–it’s inevitable. Before you make a choice, you’ll need to weigh all of the pros and cons and consider the other factors, too, like budget constraints or parents’ requests. In today’s article, we’re going through some of these challenging decision points and sharing insights that will hopefully help you arrive at the right choice.


(1) The first tough choice: will you opt for a big or small wedding?

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke, couples didn’t really have a choice than to have a small wedding. But in case some of you are still considering a big wedding later on, it will be good to evaluate whether or not this is still a feasible idea, or something you really want. Of course, larger weddings are more expensive, since you will need to increase your catering head count. You will also need a larger venue, more decorations, and so on. Large parties also have pros, too. For instance, when you avail of higher tier packages, some vendors offer more customization options and throw in freebies as well. You can read this article, which details the pros and cons of large and small weddings, and see which aligns with your needs.

[From: A Solemn Wedding at House 1881 / Photos: Littlemore Photography]

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