7 Ways Wedding Planning Prepares You and Your Fiancé For Marriage

Did you know that the moment you start planning your wedding, you’re instantly preparing for marriage? Wedding planning is like your training ground–you learn a lot of valuable lessons along the way. From how to work with your partner, to discovering more about yourself, wedding planning is rich path that secretly molds your new relationship as husband and wife. Without even knowing it, you’re slowly building that new life together already. Interesting, right? To make things more concrete, here are 7 ways wedding planning prepares you and your fiancé for marriage.



(1) You learn to talk about finances.

Money is a topic that can easily cause fights even among couples who have been marriage for a long time. When you begin wedding planning, you’ll need to agree on a budget and stick to it. From this point onward, you learn to manage finances and avoid arguing over money.

[From: A Serene Garden Wedding with a Peach and Cream Color Palette / Photo: 123cheese Production]


(2) You start to adjust to each others’ families.

When you get married, you become part of a new family. This means that you will form new relationships with your other half’s loved ones. When you start planning your wedding, you get to know your husband-to-be’s parents and siblings since you will need to be mindful of their needs and concerns for the wedding. During this time, you’re already starting to adjust to your new family.

[From: A Romantic Modern Wedding in a Warm Orange Color Palette / Photo: Hyggeland]

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12 Stylish Off-shoulder Wedding Dresses To Walk Down The Aisle In

Today we’re taking a closer look at off-shoulder wedding dresses. What makes this style one that brides keep coming back to? First of all, don’t off-shoulder dresses give you that regal, princess-like feel? If you grew up watching fairy tales, you know exactly what were talking about! Second, off-shoulder dresses can make you look effortlessly elegant since they accentuate the collar bone and shoulders. If these are your best assets then you know this design will work wonders for you! Lastly, modern executions of this wedding gown design are taking off-shoulder dresses to the next level! There are many, many options for you to choose from so you can find a style that fits your body and your wedding theme. No wonder this wedding gown style is a staple on the aisle. We can talk about this style all day, but we’ll let today’s roundup of off-shoulder dresses shed light on why this style is a stunning option for your walk down the aisle. Scroll on to see our 12 picks now.



(1) March into your wedding looking extra feminine with this off-shoulder dress from MyTailorist that features small 3D flowers on sleeves and a shining mermaid train.


(2) Looking for a dress that’s fit for a princess? Make heads turn with this elaborate dress from S.A. Bridal. The intricate details crawl over to the shoulders, it comes with voluminous layers, and it has a vintage European air to it–absolutely stunning!

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Stunning Lakeside Pre-wedding Shoot Inspired by Iconic Poems and Movie Scenes

We’re opening the day with an inspiring engagement shoot taken by Hugh’s Hue. It’s set on a remote lake on a warm afternoon. The mountains loom behind the sweet couple as they frolic through the grasslands and escape on to the placid lake. All of the photos are the epitome of romance! Inspired by iconic scenes from Life of Pi, the Notebook, The Painted Veil,  and a poem by Pablo Neruda, these romantic photos were carefully planned for months. Every detail was thoughtfully curated by the team behind the shoot and when they saw the pieces came together, it felt like a dream come true for the couple and all those who worked behind the scenes.

It’s time to scroll through the rest of the photos to appreciate what it took to create these photos. But before that, here’s an excerpt from Pablo Neruda’s poem, “If You Forget Me”, the main inspiration behind the photo session.

everything carries me to you,
as if everything that exists,
aromas, light, metals,
were little boats
that sail
toward those isles of yours that wait for me.

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The Look



Looking for the Perfect Intimate Wedding Venue? Get Ideas From These 12 Restaurant Weddings

If you’re planning a small wedding, have you thought about holding it in a restaurant? If you haven’t considered it, today’s feature will show you that it’s a splendid idea to wed in your favorite restaurant! Here are 12 intimate weddings that took place in restaurants all over Hong Kong. Read on to see them now.



(1) Tucked away deep in the city, Eilidh and Will got married in a small open rooftop in Duddell’s. The restaurant’s open clearing feels like it’s a hidden jungle in the middle of the bustling metro! It’s surrounded with endless pots of palms which the couple dressed up with neon lights and gold accent details. Who would have thought there’s a little hidden gem like this in the city?

[From: A Cozy Rooftop Wedding in Hong Kong / Photos: Patrick Photography]


(2) Rachel and Steven tied the knot during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the everyone’s safety on the line and with tight restrictions for gatherings, the couple ditched the grand union and went for a modern and elegant wedding at AMMO.

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7 Essential Tips for Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

When choosing the dresses for your bridesmaids, there are several things that come into play. Your starting point will be your wedding theme and color palette, but you also need to consider your girls and things that might concern them. Wondering what these might be? Let’s go over them now and talk about tips to help ensure you get dresses that are perfect for each and every member of your bride tribe.



(1) Comfort is king.

[From: This Charming Wedding Took Place at The Hong Kong Adventist College / Photo: Kel Li Art Gallery]

Your bridesmaids will be doing a lot of legwork during your wedding. They have a long list of responsibilities to fulfill. Therefore, choose dress styles and fabrics that are comfortable for them and easy to move around in.


(2) Strive for a coherent color palette.

Whether you’re going for a monochromatic color palette for your bridesmaids or a mix-and-match look, make sure all the hues go well with your entire wedding theme.

[From: This Couple Sang During Their Rust-themed Wedding at House 1881 / Photo: Moonbird Production]

[From: A Romantic Modern Wedding in a Warm Orange Color Palette / Photo: Hyggeland]

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